Stoney Creek Soccer

U15 Soccer

Our U15 Soccer League is hosted exclusively at BGT Sports Field on Monday nights, To learn more click here:

Summer soccer at Ancaster

Stoney Creek Soccer at Summit Park

Many Stoney Creek soccer players began their journey with us. Since 2016 we have offered soccer at Summit Park and Bishop Ryan. With high energy coaches we ensure full participation, skill development and fun at every turn.

Our parent participation classes begin from 17 months and beginner soccer from 3 years. At the youngest levels our primary focus is on active games, ball touches and footwork drills, and the introduction of scrimmages. Stoney Creek soccer leagues begin from 5 years with programs including active skills & drills and small-sided games. The emphasis shifts towards tactics and game play in the older ages where more time is devoted to games. The u12 soccer league holds weekly practices and includes Monday games on the central mountain.

Summit Park offers soccer on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Our schedules offer many simultaneous league and class times to ensure families can always schedule their young players activities at the same time, at the same location, on the same day.

West Mountain - Collage

Stoney Creek Soccer Details

  • Thursday and Thursday options
  • Registration opens in January
  • Programs start in June and runs for 12 weeks
  • Players should wear cleats, hat & sunscreen
  • Bring refillable water bottle
  • Parents should bring camp-style chairs
  • Coaches have a first aid kit with equipment
  • Sessions run in the rain and and adhere to "Flash to Bang 30/30"

Summer Coaches

  • love sports and are hired for their energy and enthusiasm
  • pass "Vulnerable Sector" Police Check & Soccer World screening
  • complete age-specific, program and teaching model training
  • live in Greater Hamilton and most are McMaster, Redeemer and Mohawk students

Community Soccer by Soccer World is proud to introduce thousands of children to the game. Our coaches delight in teaching our young soccer players' the game they love and enjoy. And as a company we are pleased to support our community by employing almost 100 young people each summer.

We are a house league. And our core beliefs include fair and equal playing time. We take pride in the advancement of our players who have progressed and now play on competitive teams for Ancaster Soccer, Mt Hamilton and other Hamilton Soccer teams. Our mission is to introduce the love of the game and seeing our players succeed at these higher levels is gratifying.

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