Summer Camps

Soccer World Camp

Soccer World Camp (4-11yrs) is a great place for kids who have energy to spare. our camp is a jam packed day or sports. Whether that is soccer, volleyball, frisbee, or handball the options are endless. Our carefully curated curriculum is created to ensure your kid has the best days at camp!

Wentworth Camp

Wentworth Camp (4-11yrs) is a great camp for those who love to get outdoors and get active. Wentworth Camp is great for kids who love all things sports. With a big grass for sports like soccer, or a paved area for basketball, the options are endless at Wentworth Camp.

Creative Camp

Creative Camp (4-6yrs), hosted at Soccer World, is a great camp for kids who want to let their creativity fly. Whether they are doing arts & crafts, drama, dance, or free play. Creative Camp's new home is Soccer World. Our structured curriculum is created to ensure your kid has the best day at camp!

Nature Camp

Nature Camp (4-12yrs) is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying in the city. Wentworth Sports Complex has a private wooded area allowing for the perfect outdoor experience in a safe and controlled environment. Kids love Nature Camp, with nature themed actives and games, there's never a dull moment.

Soccer Camp

On Target Soccer Camp (8-14yrs) offers all things soccer. Our camp is a great opportunity for kids to have a fun day at camp while also improving their soccer skills. Soccer Camp is now hosted at Wentworth Sports Complex.

Football Camp

Extra Yard Football Camp (8-14yrs) offers all things flag football. This camp is perfect for a kid who loves flag football. Whether you want to improve your skills, learn new ones, or play flag football all day, this is the camp for you.

Baseball Camp

Field of Dreams Baseball Camp (8-13yrs) offers all day baseball. This camp is perfect for the kids who love all things baseball. Our camp helps improve skills and create new ones all while playing and enjoying baseball!