Weather & Field Cancellations

Caution is recommended when deciding to participate in any programs during snow storms, extreme heat and/or during unstable storm conditions. Responsibility of players rest with the parent/guardian and as such the parent/guardian must make the ultimate decision as to whether their child will come to the facility or field and play.

Rain, Thunder & Lightning

Classes, clinics & leagues operate in the rain.

In cases of unstable storm conditions programs will be cancelled at the field. At the sight of lightning or sound thunder the current session will be cancelled. As long as there has been a 30 minute period without thunder or lightning the second session may start.

If there is thunder or lightning anytime after 5pm, the 5:30pm session is cancelled. If there is no thunder or lightning after 6pm, the 6:30pm session will start. However, if there is thunder or lightning after 6pm, the 6:30pm session will also be cancelled. Cancelled programs will be called by the Program Supervisor using whistles and/or air horn. Classes, clinics & leagues cancelled due to thunder and lightning will not be made up.

Snow Storms

Classes, clinics & leagues may be cancelled due to extreme snow conditions at the facility. The decision to cancel clinics & leagues will be made at 2pm on the day and communicated via Social Media and email to all participants. Classes may be made up following the "make-up" classes" policy listed below. Unfortunately, no credit or refund can be provided for cancelled clinics or games.

Extreme Heat

Classes, clinics & leagues run regardless of temperature and/or humidex. During extreme heat coaches will stop for additional water breaks.

Air Quality

Classes, clinics & leagues run unless the AQHI rises above a 10 or if the city closes the fields. We monitor air quality advisories from Canada Health when making a decision.

Field Closures

Outdoor programs operate on rented properties and may be closed for reasons outside our control. City of Hamilton, school boards & private operators may close their grass fields due to rain and/or field conditions and turf fields may be closed due to flooding. If facilities are closed classes, clinics & leagues are cancelled and will not be made-up.