Youth Class, Clinic & League Policies

Cancellations & Withdrawals

Parent/Guardian initiated

  • Cancellation 2+ weeks prior is refundable less $50 (plus HST) per player/camper/child.
  • Cancellation 0-14 days prior is credit less $50 (plus HST) per player/camper/child.
  • Cancellation once programs (classes, leagues, camp, etc) have started is non-refundable.
  • No refund/credit for missed days regardless of the reason (sickness, quarantine, disciplinary action).
  • Memberships are non-refundable.

Public Health/Government initiated

  • Hamilton Public Health or government of Ontario orders resulting in up to three (3) cancelled sessions will result in no refunds or credit.
  • Hamilton Public Health or government of Ontario orders resulting in more than three (3) cancelled sessions will result in a pro-rated credit, less an admin fee of $100 (plus HST) per participant per program.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and not applicable for credit.


Non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to confirm classes, clinics or Little League. Full and final payment deadlines vary according to program. Mid-season registration is possible if space is available, fees may be discounted for partial sessions.

Classes, clinics & Little League uniforms are included with the registration.


A completed waiver is required in order to participate in classes, clinics and Little League. The waiver includes both an injury release, medical authorization and photo release.

Weather Cancellations

Caution is recommended when deciding to participate in any programs during snow storms, extreme heat and/or during unstable storm conditions. Responsibility of players rest with the parent/guardian and as such the parent/guardian must make the ultimate decision as to whether their child will come to the facility or field and play.

Snow Storms

Classes, clinics & Little League may be cancelled due to extreme snow conditions at the facility. The decision to cancel programs will be made at 2pm on the day and communicated via Social Media and email to all participants. Classes may be made up following the "make-up" classes" policy listed below. Unfortunately, no credit or refund can be provided for cancelled clinics or games.

Extreme Heat

Programs run regardless of temperature and/or humidex. During extreme heat coaches will stop for additional water breaks.

Rain, Thunder & Lightning

Programs run in the rain.

In cases of unstable storm conditions programs will be cancelled at the field using the Flash to Bang 30/30 Rule” method. With this method the seconds are counted from the time a flash of lightning is seen until a clap of thunder is heard or vice versa. When this number is 30 seconds or less, the program is cancelled and evacuation of the field will begin immediately. Programs may not be re-started for at least 30 minutes. If "Flash to Bang" is 30 seconds or less between 5:15pm and 6:45pm, the 5:45pm programs are cancelled. If "Flash to Bang" is 30 seconds or less between 6:15pm and 7:45pm, the 6:45pm programs are cancelled. If "Flash to Bang" is 30 seconds or less between 7:15pm and 8:45pm, the 7:45pm programs are cancelled. Cancelled programs will be called by the Program Supervisor using whistles and/or air horn. Programs cancelled due to thunder and lightning will not be made up.

Field Closures

Outdoor programs operate on rented properties and may be closed for reasons outside our control. City of Hamilton, school boards & private operators may close their grass fields due to rain and/or field conditions and turf fields may be closed due to flooding. If facilities are closed programs are cancelled and will not be made-up.

Dress Code

Children should be comfortable and wear their prescribed shirts with running shoes. Baseball cleats and ball caps are optional.

Player Equipment

Ball gloves are not required for youngest players (2-4yrs).

Friend Requests

Players may make one reciprocal friend request where both players request each other. Multiple friend requests cannot be accommodated to allow coordinator to fairly balance teams.

Coach Requests

Coaches are predominantly College & University students with ever-changing schedules. We ask our coaches to commit for the full season but this is not always possible and occasionally coaches will change mid-session.

Coaches are assigned to our programs based on availability, experience and program needs. Assignments are done just before each new session. You may request a specific coach but it can never be guaranteed.

Age Requirements & Playing Up

Players may play in a higher division if they wish, and girls may play in any boys league. Children may participate in higher age clinics with advanced permission of program supervisor.

Make-up Classes

Missed classes (2-6yrs) may be made-up within the session. Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy and are based on availability. They must be pre-arranged with the office so the coach is prepared and to ensure the class has space. Make-up clinics and games are not possible.

First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are stored behind the desk at the reception area. and at outdoor locations can be found in the large marked bin located with coaching equipment.

Field Safety

Parents/guardians are required to monitor their "non-participating" children while at the facility and fields. In particular, parents/guardians are asked to keep their children from climbing on goal posts, screens, nets and fences, and keep children out from under bleachers and other location specific hazards.

Behaviour Expectations

Repeated inappropriate behaviour and bullying by participants, following warning and discussion with parent/guardian, may result in their expulsion from the program without refund. Batter Zone reserve the right to refuse future registration to these children.

Participants with Exceptionalities

We make every effort to create a safe, positive and inclusive environment and to ensure all children enjoy their class, clinic and league experience but we are not designated to accommodate participants with exceptionalities. If your child has exceptionalities please speak with us before you register to determine if we are able to accommodate the specific requirements of your child.